Five Secrets to Slow Aging Effects


slow agingBeing always healthy, having a youthful appearance and still having energy despite growing age is the desire of all people. Being old is a certainty, but we can stay young at a more mature age.

At least for 10 seconds every day, there are several things you can do to slow down aging. Based on scientific research, as quoted by the Daily Mail, there are five things you can do are:

1. Have control over your own life
Do not associate old age with incompetence and dependence on others. Instead, try to control your own life. Research shows that even a small control gives a big difference. Shopping for yourself, taking care of plants, or keeping a pet will make you feel you have control over your own life.

2. Stay mentally active
There are a lot of debate about whether exercise affects the brain happiness. However, always interested in the world around you is quite good. Take time to know the latest news and what is happening in your neighborhood. Begin to create and write a blog, do a hobby and keep in touch with friends and families.

3. Have a young spirit
Studies show that people who spend time with their children and with those more younger look several years younger. From now on, spend time with children and grandchildren.

4. Stay active
Move like when you were young or doing physical exercise will provide fitness benefits despite the old age.

5. Change appearance
Your appearance can affect feelings. A study measured the blood pressure of women before and after her hair was dyed. Women who think that they looked younger after dyeing their hair showed a significant decrease in blood pressure.