Five Steps to Balance Hormones


Hormones balance in the body plays an important role in your physical and psychological conditions. That’s because when the hormones are not balanced you will easily be emotional and also very sensitive in physical terms.

“Hormones are used in every cell in your body and your are the main hormone balancer,” said dr. Erika Schwartz, author of ‘The Hormone Solution’, according to Oprah.

If you recently feels that you are on physically or emotionally well, it could be a hormonal condition that is not balanced. To fix it, try the following five steps.

1. Get more sleep
Sleep quality at night is the most effective and natural way to balance hormones. “If you do not get enough sleep seven or eight hours, then the hormone will be unbalanced,” said Dr. Erika.

2. Healthy eating
Diet have a major impact on hormonal conditions. Doctor Erika recommends to reduce the consumption of dairy products for hormone balance. Then reduce also the consumption of artificial sweeteners, alcohol and caffeine. Consume more foods that contain vitamin D and B or in supplement form.

3. Reduce stress

Rest, reflect, meditation is the best way to reduce stress. Try to spend time to calm the mind, it could be before starting your activity or before bed.

4. Exercise
“You have to move so that the body produces hormones that make you feel better,” said Dr. Schwartz. If you do much exercise but the emotional and physical condition does not improve, you should immediately consult a doctor.

5. Consultations with doctors
Never underestimate the hormonal condition, for that you can consult with a physician to know in detail. For example, an excess production of estrogen hormones and testosterone can lead to depression and increased risk of certain diseases.