Five Super Foods for Ideal Weight


grapefruit Health Tips – If you don’t manage your food correctly, you will certainly gain weight. Therefore, choose foods that can keep your body slim and certainly tastes delicious.

1. Grapefruit
Ever tried grapefruit? Experts at the Scripps Clinic in La Jolla California, USA, examined the effects of grapefruit for weight loss. The result, consuming half of the fruit before eating can help you lose weight.

Mechanism of how the fruit can help you loose weight is unknown, but the results have been proven. It also contains anti-cancer compounds like liminoid and lycopene. Red grapefruit are proven to help lower triglycerides.

2. Sardine
Sardines contain proteins that help stabilize blood sugar, so you can not easily get hungry and helps stimulate metabolism. Sardines are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are healthy for your heart.

3. Pumpkins
In the U.S., pumpkins are often used as decorations for Thanksgiving. Pumpkin is good for weight loss because it is rich in fiber and low in calories. Contains only 40 calories! Many studies have shown that fiber-rich foods are good to maintain healthy weight.

4. Organic beef
This means that the beef is free of antibiotics, steroids, and hormones and the cows only eat grass. This type of beef is a good source of protein. This protein stimulates the metabolism, helping you feel full longer and reduce the desire to overeat. Healthy beef contains the omega-3 acids that give you the double benefits of health.

5. Green tea
This includes beverages, not food. However, green tea is a good slimming solution. Green tea is also rich in antioxidant which is also good for heart health, helps digestion of food, and regulate blood sugar levels and body temperature. This tea increase metabolism and accelerate the rate of oxidation of fats, so it helps the process of slimming. Drink green tea every day to increase metabolism. Numerous studies prove, drinking five cups of green tea a day can reduce body fat.