Five Things Pregnant Women Should Not Do


Pregnant WomenAlmost every women certainly wants to have offspring  It is important to maintain the health of pregnant women and their fetuses. There are many activities that must be considered in order the baby to stay healthy, as the mother’s health would affect the fetus. Here are five things that should not be done by  pregnant women, as reported by the steering wheel.

1. Do not frequently take hot baths
Actually, a hot bath is not a problem for pregnant women, but what should be considered is the temperature. When the water temperature is too high, the bath will be an activity that could harm the baby. High temperatures especially in early pregnancy can cause birth defects in the fetus.

2. Do not eat too much
Pregnant women need a lot of nutrients, so they must eat lots of food intake to meet the needs of the fetus. However, pregnant women who are obese are at high risk for the infants to be exposed to low levels of vitamin D. Weight of pregnant women during pregnancy has an effect on the health of the baby. Pregnant women who are deficient in vitamin D are more likely to have obese children. While babies who do not get enough vitamin D can develop a disease that affects bone development.

3. Do not do strenuous exercise
Exercise is good for the health of pregnant women and fetuses. Every pregnant woman has different characteristics so that the exercise selected must be adapted to the condition of the pregnant women. Choose light exercise such as yoga, pregnancy exercise or walking.

4. Do not drink coffee
If you have the habit of drinking coffee, then you should limit it when you are pregnant. Caffeine has a simultaneous nature that can increase heart rate, increase blood pressure slightly, make pregnant women feel anxious and insomnia as well as stimulating the secretion of gastric acid. Of course it affects the baby. Potential devastating effects of excessive coffee drinking is a miscarriage. It is therefore recommended that pregnant women drink no more than one to two cups of coffee a day.

5. Do not wear high heels
Besides being inconvenient, high heels can be dangerous because it increases the risk of falling that leads to the pregnant women being traumatized, and the worse the occurrence of birth defects or miscarriage. Wearing high heels causes stretching of the muscles in the lumbar region. Pregnant women will often complain of pain and stiffness in the area.

Pregnancy is a gift. So keep your health in order to get a healthy baby.