Five Things That Makes You Easily Get Tired


FatigueHave you went through the day with enthusiasm and positive attitude? Or do you feel as it is heavy to step forward? Listen to the latest findings from the National Sleep Foundation. The findings suggest that two-three adults in America claim to sleep less than seven hours a night.

According to Yahoohealth, there are five bad habits that makes you tired, which are:

1. Addiction to Coffee and Soda
All the caffeine found in coffee and soda make you addicted, but too much caffeine will make the adrenal glands tense and causes you to feel tired and weary. If you really like caffeinated products, it will be increasingly difficult to break the chain of addiction. If you drink four cups of coffee a day, now is the time to stop this habit.

2. Body Position which is Not Good
Posture that is not good is a major problem for health and fatigue. Dr. Adrian Couzner of Chirosports, Sydney, suggests that posture that is not good contribute to fatigue in the body that could reduce the mobility of the joints and muscles so it spend your energy.

When you are in the wrong position, your body will work harder just for an easy movement. Immediately get up and improve your position when sitting to keep your energy throughout the day

3. Difficult in Breathing
Breathing difficulties will limit the amount of oxygen flowing to the brain and body that can make you feel tired. If you work at a computer all day, pay attention during breathing. It is easy to know the habits of breathing difficulty when you do not move for several hours. Take frequent breaks to stretch, walk around while doing breathing exercise, to make the flow of oxygen normal.

4. Fast Foods
Nadine Saubers, author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fighting Fatigue”, says eating fast food is the principal cause of fatigue. Eating home cooked meals which is served and cooked long more often will increase your energy to a high level.

5. Holding Anger
When testing your physical condition, make sure you do not hold bad emotions that can create fatigue. Holding anger or stress in a can cause pressure on the body and drain your energy.

Give yourself some time with the emotional problems so that it does not disrupt your daily life. Actions such as talking to someone who can be trusted, write letters to people who make you angry and not send it, or discuss issues that is on your mind is the way to resolve the problem and get on with life.