Five Tips when Buying Aromatherapy Oils


Aromatherapy has been around us for time immortal; however, it was only since some time back that it has regained popularity as a form of science and therapy. As the name suggests, it is a form of therapy that incorporates the use of fragrances.

It is important to buy and use the best of aromatherapy oils to get the maximum effects of it. On walking in an aromatherapy supply store, you may get confused on the best oils to be bought. However, let it be known that not all essential oils and sweat smelling candles on the shop shelf is effective in healing you. So it is important to follow these tips to enjoy aromatherapy to its best.

An important point to note when buying aromatherapy is its bottling. Never buy essential oils sold in clear or plastic bottles. This is because light damages the oil, and the oil itself is contaminated upon storing in plastic bottles.

It is not advisable to buy essential oils in bottles marked ‘perfume’ and ‘fragrance oil’. This is because these oils are usually not pure and essential aromatherapy oils. Though the word aromatherapy may be found on the label, and an identical perfume or fragrance oil label, it signifies that this oil has more unwanted perfumery chemicals and is not an essential oil.

Check for dust on your aromatherapy oil, or on any other product for that matter, on the cap or around its container. Products accumulating dust signify that the product is old, and not worth buying. And like other oils and solutions, the older the aromatherapy product is, they lower is its healing power and aromatic scent.

You can tell if you are dealing with genuine aromatherapy products by looking at its price. This is because different oils have different rates. The pure therapeutic oils are more expensive as they are exotic; they generally cost more than common aromatherapy oils. So if all the bottles of aromatherapy are the same, it would be wiser for you to think again before buying.

When buying aromatherapy oils, it is important that you do your share of research. This is because different oils have different therapeutic qualities. Cypress essential oils are used for the treatment of coughs and asthma while the scent of Patchouli is used for treating anxiety, healing skin conditions and depression.

Keep all these points in mind when buying your aromatherapy oils so that you will be assured of good products that will make you enjoy the healing power of aromatherapy.