Folic acid avoids baby from autism


Folic acid avoids baby from autismFolic acid is a vitamin that should be consumed every mother during pregnancy to keep their child away from autism. The study found that folic acid, a form of vitamin B has the ability to save a baby from spina bifida.

Not only that, folic acid can protect against nerve damage and hydrocephalus caused by fluid trapped in the baby’s brain, causing the baby’s head to swell.

Research shows that pregnant women need folic acid in their blood in large numbers to ensure the baby’s neurological development and brain is normal. It would be better if the expectant mother takes enough folic acid three months before pregnancy.

For that, researchers recommend that pregnant women consume 400 micrograms of folic acid every day before pregnancy and three months after the 12th week of pregnancy.

Research from Norway in 85,000 babies born in 2002 to 2008 showed that folic acid can reduce the risk of autism in infants. Infants born to mothers who do not have enough folic acid is more at risk of autism.

In their research, scientists discovered 270 cases of ASD disorders, 114 autism,  56 cases of Asperger Syndrome, and 100 affected individuals which can not be specified, as reported by the Mirror (25/03).

Children born to mothers who have been taking folic acid early in pregnancy is known to have a 40 percent lower risk for developing autism. To prevent the most severe forms of autism, pregnant women should take folic acid before getting pregnant and four weeks to eight weeks after delivery.

Not only taking folic acid supplements, the mother should also eat foods rich in folic acid such as broccoli, peanuts, lentils, beans, dark green leafy vegetables, and green beans.

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