Follow These Advices to Have Healthy Ears


The ear is a complex organ. The ear consists of three main regions. First, the outer ear to protect the eardrum from direct damage. The middle ear is air-filled cavity that connects to the back of the nose through the Eustachian tube, which opens when you swallow or yawn. The last are small bones that transmit vibrations from the eardrum to the inner ear or cochlea.

Ear health is important for our case. In addition to freeing us from pain and infection, it also saves the hearing of the damage.

Unfortunately, not many people know how to treat their ears properly. For example, expecting to have clean ears, one too often use a cotton bud to clean it, they do not know that clean the ear too often can cause infection and permanent damage to the ear.

According to the Daily Mail, here are some suggestions that you can do to get a healthy ear.

1. The outer ear is designed as a place that is easy to clean. Cotton bud that you normally use does not function to clean, but instead pushes the ear wax deeper. The best way is to use water and soap. The ear itself will push the dirt out. In addition, you can also use olive oil to soften ear wax.

2. Do not worry about the color changes of your earwax. Texture and color can be different for each person. Can be soft or hard, can be orange or brown. However, if it is green and thick, it is a sign of ear infections. And it must be treated immediately.

3. Never scratch your ear when it itches. Itching can be caused by eczema or psoriasis. Immediately see the doctor to get treatment.

4. Each type of infection in the ear requires treatment from a specialist. There are two types of infectiosn, namely the outer ear and middle ear. For the outer ear, it generally occurs due to dirty water. The ear becomes sore and swollen. Usually it is treated with antibiotic drops. Meanwhile, for the middle are, it can sometimes have a bad impact on the eardrum. Eardrum can rupture. Usually, patients are given antibiotic tablets in addition to using ear drops.

5. Pain occurs not only because your ears are in trouble, but it could be because you are suffering from strep throat, neck or joint pain. But, when you feel pain in the ears, you should consult your doctor.

6. Your hearing could be reduced due to aging. However, if age is not the cause, immediately consult your doctor. Sudden hearing loss can be due to damage to hair cells.

7. Listening to music loudly and in a long time can damage the hair cells. As a result, your hearing will eventually be reduced.

8. There are several things that can cause your hearing to decrease. First, a slap in the ear that damage the eardrum. Usually, the membrane will heal by itself within six weeks. But, the ears should remain dry so that the infection does not get worse. Trauma and skull fractures often damages the inner ear. As a result, it can reduce a person’s hearing.

9. When traveling by plane, sometimes the ear feels painful. To reduce the pain, you can close you nose and blow gently. Or yawning could be a solution.