Food Intake That Can Make Brain Smarter


drink milk good for brainDo you want your mental abilities to stay fit until old age? It is better get used to drinking milk and consume food intake from milk. A study found milk to be an important part to establish and maintain a healthy brain.

Through a study, U.S. and Australian researchers concluded that people who regularly drink milk or consume dairy foods like cheese and yogurt has the ability to go through mental tests than better than those who rarely or never drink milk.

The study involved 1,000 adults. All of them were asked about their daily consumption including milk and processed products. Then, respondents were also asked to complete a test to assess their mental abilities.

The study, published in the Dailymail, reinforce other studies which included 104 retirees. It was found that most of the elderly with a higher fat in the blood had less brain shrinkage. Brain shrinkage is a typical symptom of Alzheimer’s disease.

Beneficial omega 3 fat are found in foods like fatty fish and milk. The study published in ‘Neurology’, a journal published by the American Academy of Neurology, measured different levels of fats in the blood. They also asked the respondents about their daily food intake.

The study proves that brain function requires the intake of good fats to be able to work better. The brain consists of 60 percent fat. Brain cells which are isolated with the myelin sheath consists of 75 percent fat. Fatty myelin needs to be replaced constantly.