Food Sources of Probiotic Substances


Soy Milk probioticsConsuming probiotics are known to be good for digestion. Not only that, probiotics are also recommended for pregnant women to be consumed in the last trimester of pregnancy because it can reduce allergy risk to the fetus she is carrying.

People tend to make yogurt as a primary source to meet the needs of probiotics. Actually, there are plenty of foods and other beverages that contain high probiotic. Here’s the source of probiotics besides yogurt that you can consume on a regular basis, according to WebMD.

– Miso Soup
This popular Japanese restaurant menu is indeed very tasty. Contains tofu and vegetables with low calories. However, protein and probiotic substance in it is very high.

– Soy milk
Soy is the best source of probiotics. So, consuming processed soy milk, can also meet the needs of your body probiotic substance. For a maximum content of probiotics, usually in packs of soy milk there information of “live and active cultures”.

– Milk
Some milk in containers are also added probiotic substances in it. But, be careful giving it to children, because it tends to trigger the production of excess gas that can make flatulence.

– Dark chocolate
You get ‘one package’ when eating dark chocolate. Not only delicious, but the body also get intake of antioxidants and probiotics.

– Pickles
The content of probiotics in pickles are very high, and it feels refreshing.

– Processed soybeans
Processed soybeans are the best source of probiotics, such as tempeh, tofu

– Olives
Mediterranean fruit also contains high probiotic substance. You can add sliced ??olives in a salad, spaghetti or other dishes.