Foods high in protein can lower blood pressure?


Foods high in protein can lower blood pressure

When hearing ‘high-protein foods’, you will usually immediately think of red meat, chicken, eggs, and seafood. You also think that the foods above directly can increase your blood pressure. Because you assume that these foods are high in cholesterol that will directly effect the increase in blood pressure.

But in fact, a study discovered a surprising fact that a high protein diet actually can lower your blood pressure.

“By eating foods with high levels of protein, it is most likely that you will eat less high-calorie foods. You will feel full more quickly, which results in the absence of weight gain and end up with a high metabolic system that can lower blood pressure,” said study author Justin Buendia, from Boston University School of Medicine in the United States.

Not only that, he added that in the proteins themselves, there are amino acids that help dilate blood vessels so that it is effective to lower blood pressure.

“Arginine, an amino acid found in plant and animal proteins including eggs, play a role in the dilation of blood vessels,” he said.

On the basis of these studies, then Buendia advised you to eat more foods that contain protein. But he also warns that you should choose foods high protein but low in fat.