Foods That Can Cure Nausea


Apples cure nauseaNausea can be really troublesome. Whenever you see food, you feel like vomiting and the urge stops you from eating as well! However, skipping meals just to avoid nausea can be really bad for the health. 

Nausea can be due to many reasons. It can be due to gastritis, acidity, pregnancy or an upset stomach. Nausea and stomach pain may arise from various health conditions, including indigestion, food poisoning, and viral gastroenteritis. Also called dyspepsia or upset stomach, indigestion is a common, short-term disorder that often occurs after eating too rapidly, overeating, or consuming a lot of fatty, spicy or greasy foods.

When you suffer from nausea, you will not feel like eating as you always think that you will throw out immediately after eating. If you are feeling nauseatic, you should be careful and watch out what you are eating. Some foods have an aroma that can lighten the nauseatic mood.

There are some foods that you can have whenever you feel nauseatic as they provide relief. For example, having the juicy apples can lighten the mood and also make you overcome the urge of throwing up. Similarly, having lemon juice is another way to control the arising nausea. Here are some foods to have whenever you feel nauseatic.

Foods That Cure Nausea:


The fiber rich juicy fruit can provide relief from nausea. It is healthy and doesn’t upset your stomach as well.


The aroma and flavour of ginger can help you get instant relief from nausea. If you are feeling like throwing up, have small bites of ginger.


Lack of protein in the body can make you feel all the more nauseatic. Nuts like almonds and peanut can replenish the lost energy and also keep nausea at bay.


Biscuit Starch found in cracker biscuit and bread can absorb the stomach acids and provide you relief from nausea.


Bananas are instant energy boosters. Nausea can make you feel all the more low and down. Have some bananas to cure nausea.

Fruit Juice

Fruit juice are healthy as well as known for curing nausea. Pick up your favourite fruit and ground into a juice.

Lemon Juice

Lemon has the power to cure nausea and also boost up your tired and low mood. Have some lemon juice to stay hydrated and avoid nausea.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits have an aroma and flavour which is known to cure nausea. Have some citrus fruits to cure nausea.


Some people chew mint leaves or have some mint chewing gum as the strong flavour of mint helps forget the urge to throw up.


Nausea is often accompanied with headache. Do not gulp down too much water at a go. Drink small sips at short intervals to cure nausea.

source: boldsky