Foods That Can Help Children Concentrate in Class


BananaWith the exams around the corner, kids in the city are getting restless as to what to eat in order for them to concentrate better. There have been a lot of research which states that food is the only solution that can help you concentrate better and also help in storage of memory. Though, this may sound a little fishy, these foods when added to your diet can keep your brain in top notch.

Especially with all the last minute work, added on pressure from parents when it comes to examinations, there is always that thought you might forget whatever you have studied. The problems of concentrating is something which is not new and usually faced by everyone. In one’s life, when it comes to examinations, remembering/concentration and storing information can also get a little frustrating.

These foods which have been complied here below will help you concentrate and to remember, it will calm your nerves and help you to think too. You will notice that after consuming these foods while studying it will improve your overall health and well-being. These super foods will also improve your brain function, sharpen our concentration, enhance memory and increase your attention span.

Take a look at these foods to consume while studying:

Take a close look at a walnut, doesn’t it resemble small brains. This brain food is rich in antioxidants which fight against free radical damage to the brain cells’ DNA helping you to concentrate better.

Dark Chocolate is the best food to consume while studying. The caffeine found in chocolate does the same thing, in addition to harnessing rich and a brain-protecting antioxidant food.

Blueberries is brain food which you need to consume while studying for an exam. Blueberries protect the brain from oxidative stress and have found to improve learning capacity and motor skills.

Leafy veggies when eaten while studying will help you a lot. Spinach contains vitamin E which improves cognitive function and it increases brain tissue too.

Carrots is not only good for vision but is also good for the brain. Consuming a wholesome dish of fresh orange carrots will help reduce inflammation and restore memory. The compound which is present in carrot known as luteolin will help decrease memory loss and boost overall brain health.

Fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that will give our brain a huge boost while studying. In a research it indicates that vital fatty acids which is present in fish will help to keep your memory sharp.

Whole Grains 
Never miss your breakfast at the time of exams. Consume whole grains for breakfast as it enables you to sustain a mental focus throughout the day while studying. Whole grain foods are much more effective than carbohydrates for breakfast.

Sunflower Seeds 
Sunflower seeds are rich in dopamine which is a brain chemical that is involved in increasing motivation and concentration while studying for an exam.

Beans is one of the greatest foods for concentration while studying for exams. In one serving of beans will increase in motivation. They can even sustain a regular level of energy, because they keep blood sugar levels stable.

Flax Seeds
Just like sunflower seeds, flax seeds too are very helpful when it comes to concentration while studying for exams. Flax seeds have magnesium, B-vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber which aid with mental clarity.

Bananas contain vitamin B6 and potassium which aids in the body’s production of serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. These three elements all help in concentration.

Too much of coffee is not good for ones health, but a cup of hot coffee will enhance your focus, energy and concentration while studying.

Green Tea
If you want to increase your concentration while studying, green tea is one of the options you need to add to your diet. The supplements/Flavonoids in green tea will help to improve attention and memory. (boldsky)

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