Foods that Contain Potassium


foods which contain potassium Potassium is an electrolyte that is needed so that body electricity stays on and your body stay energized.

So far we can get potassium by consuming  bananas rich in calcium (0.5 grams per fruit). But there are still some other food that you could consume to increase levels of potassium, here they are:

1. One cup of swiss chard (1g)
Green Swiss chard leaves have the highest amount of potassium. It will be more nutritious if you cook it while it is still fresh and has not been put in the refrigerator. It is also rich in vitamin K.

2. One cup of yellow or orange colored vegetables (1g)
Yellow or orange vegetables contain about one gram of potassium in one cup when cooked. It also contains vitamin C which boosts the immune system in the body.

3. One cup of Apricot
Half a cup apricot equal to one cup of vegetables. But the apricot has a fairly high sugar content, because of that it is better not to have excessive portions when eating.

4. One large baked potato (0.9 grams)
Large-sized baked potato contains 0.9 grams of potassium. Baked potato is better than boiled potatoes. If boiled, potassium can dissolve in boiling water. When processing it, try not to throw away the skin because it also contains potassium.

5. Florida Avocado (0.8 grams)
Florida avocado offers more high HDL folic acid and oleic acid.