Foods to Overcome Bad Breath Caused by Garlic


bad breathGarlic, is not just a seasoning and flavor enhancer, but it also has countless health benefits. Studies show, the content of sulphides in garlic can make the breast, colon, stomach, throat healthy and prevent the risk of skin cancer and maintain heart health.

However, behind the benefits, garlic often causes bad breath. But do not worry, according to shine unpleasant smell in the mouth caused by garlic can be trated by eating some following foods.

1. Apples, spinach, basil, peter sally
Research shows eating foods rich in phenols help expel breath from garlic. Polyphenols (compounds that act as antioxidants) broke the smell of sulfur compounds in garlic. “In order to more effectively getting rid of the smell of garlic, mix these four foods into a dish of food with garlic,” said Sheryl Barringer, Ph.D., professor of food science and technology at Ohio State.

2. Milk
A new study shows that milk is considered more effective in getting rid of bad breath caused by garlic. Try drinking milk before or during a sharp-flavored meal, such as those made from garlic. Researchers found that milk can reduce the effects of bad breath from food cause bad breath. “The water [in milk] can be used as mouth rinses,” said Barringer.

3. Green tea
Drinking green tea before or during sharp-flavored foods can also reduce bad breath due to garlic. The content of polyphenols reduce volatile sulfur compounds.

So, when you want to eat spicy foods with garlic, immediately provide the antidote to bad breath to get a fresh fragrance breath without any remaining garlic smell.