For health reasons, New York citizens are prohibited to use headphones


New York citizens are prohibited to use headphonesRecently, Mayor Michael Bloomberg puts the use of headphones for listening to music as one of the things that are harmful to health. To that end, the citizens of New York are forbidden to listen to music through headphones.

The city health department explained that the rule was made to warn the youth about the health risks of listening to music with headphones at high volume.

They explained that this rule will then be socialized through campaign, as reported by the NY Daily Mail (06/03).

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, listening to loud noise, like music through headphones can cause hearing impairment, even loss of hearing in one of eight children and adolescents. The same thing can happen to one in six adults aged under 70 years.

Meanwhile, other medical groups have issued a campaign aimed at educating the public on how to use earphones and headphones properly and healthy.

In addition to prohibiting the use of headphones for listening to music, Mayor Bloomberg had also banned the purchase of large soft drinks, saturated fat, and banned its citizens from smoking.