For the first time, human lungs are ‘made??’ in a lab!


human lungs are 'made??' in a labartificial lungsFor the first time, scientists succeeded in developing human lungs in the laboratory. This is an amazing step that gives hope for regenerative medicine.

“It is great. This kind of technology exists only in fiction, but has now it has become a reality,” said Joan Nichols, a researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch, as reported by CNN.

If the developed lungs successfully works as expected by researchers, they could save the lives of more than 1,600 people waiting for a lung transplant. At present, the lung is one of the organs of the human body which is being developed by researchers, in addition to other organs such as the trachea and liver.

Researchers from Galveston, Texas, developed the lung using the lungs of two children who died in a car accident. Their lungs are too damaged to be used  for transplants, but there are still healthy tissue that can be used. One of the lungs was cleaned, until only collagen and elastin were left. Then the researchers used cells from the other lung and used it on the first lung.

With the iterative process, the researchers succeeded in developing lungs of the two lungs of children who had died earlier. The lungs developed in the lab looks like the original lungs, but the color is more pink, more subtle, and less dense.

The researcher explained that it takes at least 12 years for them to try out the lungs for transplantation. Before tested on humans, the lungs must be tested on animals first. Previously, experts had successfully performed transplants using a synthetic trachea in humans.

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