Forget diet, switch to eating fresh foods to get slim

Forget diet, switch to eating fresh foods to get slim

Entering the new year, of course you have a resolution in your life that you want to achieve this year. One is the resolution of health that includes weight loss because you want to have an ideal body shape.

Diet became the most common way to be when you want to lose weight. Meets diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables as well as counting calories into the body color of your diet. Maybe this will be exhausting so that it can make the spirit of diet broken in the middle of the road. If you are experiencing the same thing, you should forget and move diet by eating fresh foods and whole as your diet.

“Weight loss programs will feel lighter if you are more focused on running a healthy diet rather than merely reducing the quantity of food. Increase consumption of fresh foods and minimal cooking process to make a slim body. Because processed foods in addition to already lost vitamins and natural nutrients in it have also been met by starch, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and flavoring. So actually the food you eat does not have meaning for the health of the body. the food is just going to make you satisfied but not healthy, “said Richard Wrangham, professor of Biological Anthropology and Rachel Carmody from Visiting Fellow in Human Evolutionary Biology. “It is clearly different when you eat foods that are really fresh and minimal cooking process capable of removing nutrients the body. Your body gets the nutrients and minerals that are needed and the process of digesting the food is not that complicated so that digestive health is able to awake.”

There are so many healthy and fresh food you can consume. Examples such as fruit salad, vegetable salad, or soup, which is much healthier than a bowl of instant noodles or meatballs.

“In addition to depending on the quality of the food you eat, weight loss also depends on the activities you do to burn calories. So, adjust the amount of food you eat with your daily activities.”

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