Forget supplements, this method is more powerful for a healthy brain

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powerful method for a healthy brainSupplements such as fish oil and ginkgo biloba herbs are not able to prevent the degradation of the cognitive brain. But a simple mental exercise, like playing sudoku, are more powerful for brain health, according to a new research.

A Research conducted by experts from St. Michael’s Hospital was done to review some of the clinical studies on herbal remedies and vitamins that can reduce the risk of cognitive decline in the elderly. But it turns out researchers found that playing crosswords and sudoku are more potent for elderly brains healthy.

In addition to vitamin supplements and other herbal medicines, physical exercise, such as strength training, isĀ also not so influential in reducing the risk of cognitive decline in brain.

Mental training is the only activity that showed strong evidence in maintaining cognitive health of the elderly. Because these activities involve exercise in remembering, processing, and thinking.

“Forget the supplements offered in the market, a powerful method for cognitive brain health can actually be done by playing Sudoku or crossword puzzles,” said Dr. Raza Naqvi, chief researcher, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Besides diligently playing sudoku, researchers suggested that the elderly should also maintain a balanced diet, do regular exercise, weight control, and diligently perform health checks.

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