Formula Milk for girls and boys should be distinguished?


Formula MilkIt turns out that not only deodorant that must be divided between men and women, infant formula milk must also be distinguished for baby girls and boys. This is because baby girls and boys have different needs, this is as revealed by researcher Katie Hinde.

Dr. Hinde explained that breast milk is usually different. This was revealed after Hinde found that monkeys that breastfeeds produces different milk for their babies. The milk for baby girls are usually richer in calcium and for boys contains more fat. It is almost similar to that found in humans.

In addition, infants also have different responses in breast milk. It is related to the cortisol stress hormone in breast milk. Baby girls are more affected if their mother’s milk contains a lot of the cortisol hormone, this is as reported by the Daily Mail.

Although these results still require further research, but Hinde suggested that infant formula is made more specific by gender of the baby. According to her, girl babies need milk that contains a lot of calcium, while boys need more fat.

Hinde explained that the public needs a better formula, for those who do not breastfeed their children. The community may be skeptical of the concept of infant formula suitable for all babies.

How do you feel with the findings of Dr. Hinde? Should infant formula milk be distinguished?

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