Formula to Predict Pregnancy Chance


predict pregnancy chanceThe chance of pregnancy is different in each couple. Some are immediately successful on their first attempt, while others have tried for years without success.

The difference in the chance of pregnancy one of which is caused by female fertility. With age, the chances of pregnancy decreases. Researchers found a simple formula to help couples trying to conceive naturally, and when it is time to hear advice from a doctor.

Calculations based on the woman’s age and how long the couple tried to conceive, it can predict the chances of success during the following cycle. A 25-year-old woman for example. The model predicts that only after 13 menstrual period, chances of getting pregnant naturally will drop below 10 percent.

But 30-year-old woman takes 10 months to decrease chances of natural conception below 10 percent. Chances of pregnancy in women aged 35 years will decline only after attempting natural conception for six months.

The model described in the Public Library of Science ONE journal was calculated using the  pregnancy rate data in previous studies.

These findings allow women who want a child at the age of mid 30’s to immediately consult faster. Although not 100 percent accurate, this formula could predict when the possibility of the couple should try to consult a doctor after trying naturally.

Prof Geraldine of Hartshorne of Warwick Medical School, who co-authored the study, said, “People hope for pregnancy when they want it. When it does not happen, it can cause shock,” he told the Telegraph.

“Pregnancy is a game of chance, but having much more information will help the couple to decide to seek treatment or other options to have a child,” adds Prof. Hartshorne.