Four cups of coffee a day is better than none


Four cups of coffee or tea a day is better than noneBoth coffee and tea are healthy drinks if consumed in the right amounts. At least both drinks can not be consumed more than three cups a day.

But a recent study says that drinking four cups of coffee or tea a day is better than not drinking at all.

The consumption of four cups of coffee a day is known to increase high blood pressure. While excessive consumption of tea also provide caffeine effect not good for health.

However, the Preventive and Clinical Investigations Center  in Paris explained that the benefits of coffee or tea that is enjoyed slightly above the recommended amount can still be felt by the body.

Even so, people with high blood pressure should still limit their daily consumption of coffee or tea. Because excessive consumption of coffee or tea could endanger their lives, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Unfortunately, Dr. Bruno Pannier in a research at the European Society of Hypertension conference in Milan explained that his team did not distinguish between consumption of black tea, green tea, or herbal tea that can benefit the body.