Four Easy Ways to Prevent Arthritis


Prevent ArthritisArthritis or also known as rheumatic is joint disorders that afflicts aged people and often occurs due to inflammation.

Usually, the pain will emerge when two joints touche one another after the protective cartilage (substances that prevent the bones to touch one another) is worn. In some cases, arthritis can also be caused by an autoimmune response.

Causes of arthritis is quite diverse, including joint injury, metabolic problems, hereditary factors, infections and others. People affected by arthritis will experience certain symptoms, including pain, inflammation and redness in the joints, stiffness and swelling.

On a more serious arthritis, it is often accompanied by symptoms that are more complex, such as fevers, swollen glands, weight loss, fatigue, and problems in the lungs, heart or kidney.

Everyone is at risk of arthritis and there are an estimated 350 million people worldwide who experience it. Other facts, are more than half of arthritis sufferers under the age of 65 years and about 60 percent suffered by women.

To reduce risk of arthritis, there are four easy things you can do.

First is regular exercise, not just for heart health but also very good for the muscles, joints and bones.

Second is stretching. Every morning after waking up do stretching because it can increase muscle strength and help improve your joint range of motion. Make sure you warm your muscles and joints before stretching. That’s because a stretch before warming up, can worsen joint pain and even cause tension in the muscles.

Third is consumption of healthy foods which contains many vitamin C and calcium. Both are very important nutrients for healthy bones and muscles.

Fourth is meeting the needs of the body fluid, because water makes up 70 percent of cartilage in joints that act as a lubricant so the bones do not meet each other.