Four Healthy Habits That can Make you Sick


A study has revealed that the obsession with cleanliness could make a person depressed. Not only that, there are some habits that you may think are healthy but turns out it can make you sick.

So that you can be alert in order to avoid a health problem, know these four habits which could make you sick, according to the Daily Mail:

1. Often taking a shower
According to Nick Lowe, dermatologist from the Cranley Clinic in London, hot water combined with soap, can make skin dry and dehydrated.

2. Nighttime sleep
According to Professor Jim Horn of the Center for Sleep Studies and Loughborough University, sleeping for eight hours can lead to fatigue. There is no need to torture yourself to immediately sleep again, if you suddenly wake up at night.

Do something like read a book. The body will ‘tell’ you when you want to sleep. A things you should know is that a short nap for 4 to 15 minutes, is more effective than sleeping for an hour at night.

3. Rinsing after brushing teeth
Phil Stemmer, a dentist from the Centre for Healthy Breath in London, advised not to do too much rinsing after brushing your teeth. That’s because it can sweep the fluoride-based protective coating which is also applied in your toothpaste.

He also suggested that it is important to not immediately brush your teeth after eating. Food will make the enamel on the teeth become softer, and it takes about half an hour to get hard again. Brushing teeth immediately after eating can sweep tooth enamel.

4. Taking breath excessively
Therapist and head of the Society for Stress Management, UK, Neil Shah claimed that adults tend to excessively take breath from the chest. As a result, the air are trapped at the bottom of the lungs.

People have to breathe with the belly, do it regularly and rhythmically, making 12-20 cycles per minute, with short pauses between takes and exhale.