Four Keys to a Successful Ayurveda Diet


keys to a successful dietThere are many choices of diet programs that can be done to get the ideal body shape that you always wanted, as well as the composition of a special menu for your health. One of which is Ayurveda. The ancient Indian way that offers a holistic approach as a means to balance the body.

Ayurveda diet is known for its strict rules and some restrictions that should be avoided, according to the body condition of each individual. Ayurveda also has general rules that can be applied in any diet. Here are the rules:

Eat more slowly
The first rule is a way of chewing food. There is no word, no time to eat. Food should be chewed until it is completely smooth. This method will help keep you from eating excessively or too full. By enjoying the food, the digestive process runs slower, to let the system do its job in the body naturally.

Fresh food
Ayurveda approach teaches us to choose type of foods that are fresh. This is meant in order that the body can get maximum nutrients, when compared with processed foods that allow nutrients dissolved in the cooking process. Fresh food can also help improve the work of digestion.

Warm drinks
Methods of Ayurveda do not recommend you to order any kind of cold drink before the meal. This might sound strange, because cold water has not been shown to interfere with digestion. But warm water are more beneficial for the process of digestion. Warm water is said to be a lubricant to the spleen, to make you feel fuller.

Variety of foods
Another philosophy of Ayurveda is to combine a variety of food to prevent various diseases. You can substitute a side dish with a rotating group of food, try new flavors, and combine different spices in one dish. Try also food combining.