Four Sexy Dances That Burns Calories


salsa danceIf you want to have a sexy body like Jennifer Lopez or Shakira, then you should try taking Latin dance classes, such as salsa or samba. Latin dance could be the key to burning lots of calories to get sexy and toned body.

Moving the hips in a Latin dance can actually burn the same number of calories as regular exercises. In fact, adults weighing 63.5 kilograms, can burn 340 calories by dancing for an hour. This is the same as swimming or walking for an hour.

According to Livestrong, fast Latin dance movements, makes all parts of the body move, thus increasing heart rate and burn calories longer. Moreover, with pounding music and energetic movements, dance exercises makes the atmosphere not boring.

If you are confused in choosing what dance most fits you, just look at the following four types of dance, which could create a sexy slim body.

1. Samba
This is a typical Brazilian dance that has a ‘complete package’ in burning calories. According to Luisa Martínez, a dance instructor’s Brazilian Samba movement can burn up to 432 calories during an hour of practice.

“You jump, move your belly, hips and the fast rhythm makes you sweat a lot. The movements form the quadriceps, back and calf,” said Martinez.

2. Salsa
The dance with roots in Cuba and Puerto Rican culture can form the calf, biceps, quadriceps and hamstrings. Whether you do it solo (Suelta) or in pairs in a circle (Rueda de Casino). Its turning movements are like a low impact in aerobics which can burn 400 to 410 calories an hour of practice.

3. Merengue
Instead of walking for one hour, it is better you dance Merengue. The official dance of the Dominican Republic, can burn 372 calories for an hour of practice. Thigh and calf muscles becomes more toned and sexy.

4. Cumbia
From the study of history, Cumbia is a dance of young people which was done by slaves of Colombia. This exotic dance can burn nearly 396 calories in one hour. The movement which is done with a background full of pounding drums, can help you burn fat like water polo practice for 30 minutes.