Four ‘Sin’ Lists of Soda Drinks


Soda Drinks dangersDuring a hot day, the temptation to moisten the mouth and throat with a sweet fizzy drink is quite big. But consuming these types of drinks should not be done very often.

A team of researchers from the University of Osaka, Japan found that drinking soda excessively can lead to serious illness. For example are stroke, asthma and heart problems, and tooth decay. Curious why? This is the answer.

1. High calorie
It tastes very sweet, soda does contain high-calorie artificial sweetener. Consuming too much can cause obesity which leads to the onset of diabetes. This is as quoted by Sky Bold, because soda contains high levels of fructose.

2. Dangerous acid
Soda contains some kind of acid that can soften the bones slowly in the body. Not only that, the content of soda also causes calcium deficiency which leads to early osteoporosis symptoms.

3. High sodium
The amount of sodium in soda is quite high. It can increase blood pressure which leads to an increased risk of heart attack.

4. Addiction
Soda can also lead to addiction that is associated with some risk of cancer. So, be wary if you start drinking soft drinks every day. Better drink water.