Four Triggers of Foot Problems

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foot problemFoot health is often neglected, although this part of the body works hard support your body every day. Soreness and pain in the legs can occur. The effect, could spread to other body parts such as back pain or dizziness.

As a precautionary measure, you must identify what triggers foot health problem. For that, avoid the following four triggers according to stylelist, so that your feet are always in good health.

1. Wrong shoes
Shoes that do not fit the size or made of coarse material will cause inconvenience. If used in a long time, it not only cause pain on the soles of the feet but also the calf area. Including serious health problems such as stress on the foot bone or plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the tissue at the bottom of the foot). So, try to be more selective in choosing shoes. The main consideration is comfort.

2. Pedicures which are not sterile
Foot nail care in the salon does make it look cleaner. But make sure the foot care equipment in the salon is always in a sterile condition. That’s because if the tools are not sterilized, it could transmit germs from other people and trigger an infection of the toenails. If unsure of the equipment in the salon, you should do a pedicure yourself at home. Or after a pedicure at the salon, clean the feet with an anti-bacterial liquid when you get home.

3. Mushrooms and unpleasant smell
Mushrooms and unpleasant smell often occur in the legs. This is usually caused because the foot is always in a closed state and the trapped air is humid. That condition does make fungi and bacteria breed easily. To make sure your feet are always dry before you wear shoes. As a precautionary measure, you can use powder on the feet and shoes to absorb moisture.

4. Exercise
Sport is very good for your health. But the continuous movement during exercise, can cause foot injury. It is very important to adjust the types of shoes and type of exercise you do.

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