France’s Oldest Woman Celebrate Her 114th Birthday


Marie Therese Bardet oldest woman in FranceHow old can you get? Most people will surely want to live as long as possible. In order to achieve that it is important to fallow a healthy lifestyle. Being happy is also a secret for longevity. Previously it was known that people who often smiles can live longer.

Well, Marie Therese Bardet who is said as “doyenne de France” or in English meaning the oldest woman in France. And on June 2 2012, Marie celebrated her 114th birthday.

Marie celebrated her birthday in a nursing home in Pontchateau, with her children and grandchildren.

Actually, the whole family has a long life as well. Marie is a mother of two children Leon (90) and Jeanne (88). She has seven grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. According to a data released by reuters, Marie is the sixth oldest woman alive in the world.

The oldest woman in the world is currently held by Besse Cooper. He was a retired teacher who lives in Georgia, USA. Cooper was born on August 26, 1896 and is now 115 years old.

Hopefully this story could become a motivation for you to live healthier in order to get a longer life. You should always remember that lifestyle is the main key to longevity. You should also know the foods that becomes the secret to a long life.

Besides that, it is also mentioned that sexual life can also influence longevity. Based on a research, it was known that the more frequent someone has an orgasm, the greater opportunity for longevity.