French Fries, Best Food to Make You Fat


eat french friesMost people wish to have an ideal body. One way to achieve this is by eating a healthy diet and taking the right nutritional composition.

Recently Harvard University conducted a research on the types of foods that makes a person fat. This extensive research was conducted on more than 120 thousand men and women.

Researchers tracked the dietary patterns of each person every four years starting from 1986-2006. In addition, the researchers also tracked the lifestyles and foods that made weight of the participants increased.

According to Fit Sugar, it is known that meat, sweet foods, fried foods, and all forms of potatoes gave bad contribution to the weight of the human body.

However, french fries is the most dangerous food for your body. Eating french fries in a day adds to your weight around more than 1.5 kg. For potato chips, it adds about 1 kg of body weight.

Here is a list of the top six types of foods that add your weight: french fries (1.5 kg), potato chips (1 kg), potatoes (3/4 kg), sugar or sweet drinks (1/2 kg), red meat (1/4 kg), and processed meat (1/4 kg).