Frequent shampooing could cause acne on the face?


Frequent shampooing could cause acne on the face

Cleanse the body is an obligation and of course most of the women like her are clean and fragrant as a whole. One part of the body that are usually often get attention is the hair. For women, hair is a crown and was able to lift her appearance drastically. Therefore diligently cleaning lady hair with shampoo.

But what happens if you use a shampoo that could actually make a spotty face? As reported by, a study found that regular shampoo that you use to wash it could actually make acne thrives on your face.

“This type of shampoo with a high oil content which is capable of causing your facial acne. For this shampoo will drip in the face mixed with dirt when you wash your hair. In addition to acne, this kind of shampoo can cause the appearance of spots on your upper back. For that when you’re shampooing, rinse immediately affected your hair lather. this keeps dirt and oils containing foam is not dripping in the face, “said Dr. Rachael Eckel, a British beauty experts.

In addition to shampoo, he also added that acne can arise due to the use of hair styling products are also high in oil. This oil will clog the pores, resulting in the dirt can not go out and acne.