Fresh Meals Prevent Dehydration


watermelon hydrates your bodyThe human body contains fluids as much as 55-75 percent of body weight. That means, someone who weighs 50 kilograms, contain at least 27-33 kilograms of water in their body. Lack of body fluids approximately two percent will already spark mild health problems.

Keep your body always hydrated to maintain body functions properly. Not only by drinking water intake, to fulfill the body’s needs of fluid can also be helped by water-containing food intake, this was mentioned by the Times of India.

There are three categories of foods that acts to help hydrate the body, which are: fresh juicy fruits, green leafy vegetables, and water-based soup.

Almost all fruits contain water indeed. But, one which has maximum water content is watermelon. And, the next levels are: apples, kiwi, oranges, coconut, strawberries, and all kinds of berries.

For vegetables, it is better to consume raw and fresh vegetables. This is because the processing technique often removes the natural moisture of vegetables that are essential to help hydrate the body. While soup that is recommended is broth soup with vegetable stuffing.

Do not underestimate dehydration due to lack of fluids in the body, as it leads to health problems. Ranging from mild disorders such as drowsiness, to serious illnesses such as kidney function declines.

Here are three signs or symptoms of dehydration:

• mild dehydration
Symptoms: thirsty, dry mouth, dry throat, dry skin and headaches.

• moderate dehydration

Symptoms: dizziness, increased pulse rate, decreased blood pressure, weak, strong urine (yellow), little urine volume.

• severe dehydration
Symptoms: muscle cramps, swollen tongue, the blood circulation deteriorates, physically very weak, the decline in renal function and fainting

Want to live healthier? fulfill your needs of body fluids by drinking water at least six glasses per day and increase your intake of foods rich in water so that you can prevent dehydration.