Friends have similar DNA


Friends have similar DNAA Person’s DNA not only plays a role in determining a person’s genetic, but it also relates to choosing friends. Recent studies reveal that people tend to make friends with people who have similar DNA.

“Seeing a person’s genes, we found that the average person has DNA similarity with their friends,” said researcher James Fowler of the University of California, San Diego, as reported by Web MD.

Fowler continued that a person has DNA similarity with their friends than with strangers in the same population. In this study the team analyzed the genes of more than 1,900 people who are friends and strangers. He found that people who are friends have a common gene up to one percent. This is almost the same as the DNA of two people who are relatives from their great-grandfather.

“One percent does not seem much, but for the size of genetic, one percent is a pretty significant number. This is especially great because it turns out we have the possibility of choosing friends likeĀ our own brothers or sisters,” added Nicholas Christakis, co-researchers from Yale University.

Researchers are also developing what they call “friendship score” that can be used to predict who is likely to become friends. This method is claimed to be as accurate as predicting obesity and schizophrenia through genes.