Fructose and glucose, which is the cause of obesity?

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Fructose and glucose, which is the cause of obesity?Foods that contain fructose sugar are likely to cause weight gain compared to food with glucose levels, according to a recent study by Yale University School of Medicine.

As reported by My Health News Daily, if consuming glucose gives signs to the brain about the food you have just eaten, the opposite happens when you enjoy foods that contain fructose.

The study involved 20 people with normal weight. Respondents’ brain were then examined with MRI before and after enjoying drinks sweetened with artificial fructose and glucose.

When respondents consume glucose, the researchers saw a decrease in activity in the hypothalamus, which is the part of the brain that regulate appetite. Meanwhile, when the fructose-containing beverages were consumed, the researchers did not find anything similar in the brains of respondents.

Nevertheless, Terry Davidson of the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience, American University, in Washington DC who was not involved in the research, does not so agree with the findings.

“Usually ready meals contain a combination of fructose and glucose. So it seems that the research on the effects of fructose on weight gain needs to be explored in more depth,” said Davidson.

In addition, this study only sees the impact of fructose on a person’s brain. The experts did not analyze further whether the person who enjoys fructose will consume more food or not.

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