Gargling with Salt Water Can Relieve Flu


Salt Water GarglingThere are many ways to prevent  flu virus. Most people consume orange juice or warm soup when flu symptoms start to attack. But there are other ways to overcome flu, which is by gargling with salt water.

When flu strikes, our throat usually feels itchy and painful. Gargling with salt water can reduce the symptoms. Nasal or respiratory congestion that often arise can also be overcome with salt water gargling.

“Salt solution are able to pull excess fluid in the inflamed tissue in the throat, thus causing less pain,” said Dr Philip T Hagen, from the ‘Mayo Clinic Book of Home Remedies’.

Dr. Hagen also said that gargling with salt water can loosen the thick mucus and remove irritants such as allergens, bacteria and fungi in the throat.

The study, which is published in The American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 2005, researchers involved nearly 400 participants. The researchers record their health condition for 60 days in winter, since they were healthy.

A number of participants who had cold were asked to gargle three times a day with salt water. The group who regularly gargle salt water was proven to decrease the level of the upper respiratory tract infections by 40 percent.

According to research, salt water gargling is useful to lower bronchial symptoms. This reinforces other studies that found that gargling salt water help a sore throat and clogged.

For best results, according to a team from the Mayo Clinic, dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in a full glass of warm water. Then, gargle with it for a few seconds.

Source: New York Times