Gastric cancer can more accurately be detected through breath?


breath test to detect gastric cancerAfter breast , lung, and colon cancer, now its turn for gastric cancer which can be detected through breath.

As reported by the Daily Mail (06/03), breath test to detect gastric cancer also has up to 90 percent accuracy. Because the tools used involve special sensors to detect very small particles and chemicals that signal the presence of a tumor.

Detection of gastric cancer by breath test was tested by researchers from Israel and China. A total of 130 patients were included and the results have been reported in the British Journal of Cancer.

“Usually  gastric cancer is performed with endoscopic or inserting a small tube into the digestive system. The method is actually not flexible, spends money and energy. But now there is an easier method, and effective,” said Professor Hossam Haik, head researcher.

In addition, one in five patients are forced to undergo surgery because gastric cancer detection was too late.

Cancer detected earlier is better. So that patients can quickly handled and their chances of survival increases.