Get rid of belly fat with these foods


Get rid of belly fat with these foods

After a hard workout and a diet with discipline, some part of your body has begun to shrink. Yet somehow belly fat is hard to lose.

If you experience the above symptoms, try to consume the following foods that are beneficial to burn belly fat fast.

Green tea
This is one type of herbal tea that is very good to help shrink the stomach and reduce inflammation in your body. Because green tea contains flavonoids which have anti-inflammatory properties and is a natural compound that is able to burn fat in the abdomen.

Foods rich in omega 3
Research shows that eating a diet with omega 3 fatty acids is capable of producing flatter stomach. Examples of such foods are walnuts, flax seeds, and fish.

Garlic is able to act as a natural antibiotic and blood sugar regulator. Because your blood sugar is controlled, then you can maximize your body’s fat burning especially in the abdomen. Garlic also contains thermogenic that can increase metabolism.

Mint leaves
Drinking water boiled with mint leaves help burn fat in the abdomen. Because its natural content can increase the body’s metabolic system and dissolves fat in the abdomen.

Cinnamon is able to act as the most effective fat burner. Add a pinch of cinnamon in food or drink that you consume. Besides being able to give a tempting aroma, belly fat will disappear.

Watermelon contains 82% water which makes you feel full faster. As a result you will be protected from excessive cravings that can fatten your stomach.

Besides being able to keep you from various diseases attacks, eating apples regularly can help reduce belly fat. Apples will help you feel full faster because apples contain a lot of potassium.

Just like apples, bananas are also rich in potassium and multivitamins that can make you feel full faster. Besides that, eating bananas can also increase the rate of metabolism in the body.

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