Get Rid of Leg Hair Without Waxing or Shaving


Good news for those of you who often hate the emergence of fine hairs on your legs, underarms, or on a numbers of unwanted areas on the body. Without having to do waxing or shaving regularly, some scientists found a new method that is more permanent to get rid of leg hair.

The team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania developed a gel that helps stop the growth of hair on certain body parts. This gel contains cidofovir drug, which is commonly used to treat viral infections in the eye.

Experiments were conducted on a number of men with a beard who are used to shave every morning. The experiments were divided into three groups distinguished by the concentration of cidofovir in a gel.

The group that was asked to rub the gel with the highest content of cidofovir grew more slowly than those who rub the gel with low concentrations. While the group using fake gel did not get any effect.

“The higher the drug content is mixed into the gel, the greater effect in slowing growth and reducing its thicknewss,” said study author, Joy Wan, according to the Daily Mail.

Looking at the results of the experiment, the researchers believe the drug could be developed to replace a variety of conventional treatments such as waxing hair removal. They were challenged to create an economical product that can stop hair growth permanently.

However, they must be careful in finding the balance of the drug formula in the gel. Because, high doses of these drugs have side effects such as headache, fever, nausea, and decreased white blood cells. “Further experiments will be done to evaluate the ideal concentration.”

Hair growth or wild hair in some women’s skin surface are usually caused by the excess production of male hormone or androgen. The condition is often associated with polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS.