Get Rid of Stress by Singing and Playing Music


sing relieve stressThose of you who likes to play music or sing will not only get the benefits of relaxation, it turned out that those two fun activities have remarkable effects on health.

According to Genius Beauty, a study in Finland revealed that playing music or singing is a powerful way to kill stress and depression.

The study involved 79 volunteers suffering from depression which is divided into two groups. The first group received conventional therapy through interview sessions with a psychologist. The second group received additional music therapy and playing drums for 20 minutes after the interview session.

The result of the study showed that patients who received additional music therapy showed progression of healing better than the group who just received consulting psychologist therapy. “These tests have shown that music therapy, combined with conventional therapy, helps people reduce depression and anxiety levels more quickly,” said one researcher, Christian Gold of the University of Jyväskylä.

According to him, music helps people interact. In fact, in the worst situations when they can not find words to describe their mood in front of psychologists.

These results are in accordance with previous research by the Harvard Medical School that found that musical stimuli is able to activate the limbic system related to emotions. When the limbic system is activated, the brain becomes relaxed. Music can also stimulate the body to produce the nitric oxide (NO) molecule, which can reduce blood pressure.