Get Slim Naturally with Green Coffee


green coffee weight lossGood news for those who are frustrated with various weight loss methods. A number of scientists from the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States, found the efficacy of green coffee beans to lose weight in a relatively short time.

Joe Vinson, leader of the study, describes how a group of people who are overweight or obese lost weight about 10 per cent, after taking a few milligrams of powdered green coffee beans every day.

“Based on our study, consumption of green coffee extract capsule once a day, accompanied by eating low-fat, healthy diet and regular exercise, becomes a safe, low-cost, and effective way to lose weight,” said Vinson, according to the Daily Mail.

The study involved 16 participants who are overweight or obese aged 22-26 years, which were divided into two groups. Each group was asked to consume capsules for 22 weeks. Capsules for the first group contains green coffee extract. Meanwhile, for the second group,  were given placebo capsules or empty capsules.

The result showed that participants who received the capsule intake of green coffee beans lose weight more quickly, about seven pounds in 22 weeks. That means, there is a decrease in body weight of an average of 10 percent, and decreased body fat around 16 percent.

Meanwhile, participants who received placebo pills experienced weight loss that is not too significant.