Get these 5 healthy benefits by kayaking

Get these 5 healthy benefits by kayaking

Water sports are always interesting to try. Not only do they make your body healthy, water sports can always make you feel happy.

In addition to swimming, in fact there are a variety of water sports that are worth a try. One is kayaking. Here are the healthy benefits that you can get from kayaking as reported from

Moving the whole body
When you are kayaking, then you automatically move all parts of your body especially the major muscle groups including legs, arms, back, abdomen, and pelvis.

Burn calories
Kayaking with a speed of about 3-5 miles per hour can burn your calories as much as 400 calories. In fact, some research suggests that paddling a kayak can burn calories faster than when you are cycling.

Increase strength training
Repeated rowing motion when you move the kayak requires great strength. This can increase your body strength.

Increase joint flexibility
Lack of physical activity is able to make your joints become worn. Meanwhile, if you are doing activities such as kayaking, you are able to increase the production of synovial fluid so that the joints are lubricated.

Reduce stress
The majority of places that you use to play the kayak must be associated with the great outdoors. Besides rowing, you will definitely have a look around your surroundings that is able to calm your mind and reduce stress.

Those are the healthy benefits that you can get with kayaking. So, keen to give it a try?

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