Gloves that can detect breast cancer


A glove manufactured by IC Pharma company are reportedly capable of detecting breast cancer. The company also mentioned that the detection using this tool can be easier than checking yourself by hand.

As reported by the Daily Mail, unfortunately many experts doubts the ability of the glove. Warning to women were filed immediately after the glove product was promoted and sold at a price of 86 pounds sterling.

The gloves were promoted in the UK after qualifying clinical trials in Italy. The glove is named the ‘BE gLOVE’ and was reportedly made of super-thin polyurethane that makes fingers can feel 15 times more sensitive. That way, women who use them can detect breast cancer easily.

But Mia Rosenblatt from the Breast Cancer Campaign is not so confident in the ability of Be gLOVE. According to her, regular self-examination is recommended for women. But there is no evidence that these gloves can accurately detect cancer and is able to replace the function of a mammogram. So women should not be in a hurry to buy the Be gLOVE.

“Evidence of the ability of Be gLOVE are very limited. So do not use this tool as a replacement for a mammogram,” said Rosenblatt.

In addition, Sally Greenbrook from Breakthrough Breast Cancer also gave her opinion.

“We do not recommend that women spend money to buy a product like this. The best way to detect breast is to get to know your own body parts in depth,” said Greenbrook.

Previously, it was also reported that there is a bra that can detect breast cancer.