Glue Ears Can be Cured with Bacterial Sprays


glue ear Health TipsObstruction of fluid in the ear or known as glue ear are often experienced by children and sometimes need surgery to resolve. Now with a bacterial nasal spray there’s no need to do surgery.

Quoted from ScienceDaily, Sunday (11/4/2010) This discovery is result of a research b Susann Skovbjerg  a Ph.D. student at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. He studied 60 children with glue ear, which is divided into 3 groups.

The first group was given a nasal spray containing Streptococcus bacteria. The second group got a Lactobacillus bacteria, whereas the last group was given bacteria-free solution (placebo).

“In the group given the Streptococcus spray, a third of the children got much better or were cured completely, while only one child given the bacteria-free spray recovered,” says Skovbjerg

Skovbjerg believes that giving strptococcus bacteria through nasal sprays has stimulated the immune system. The body reacts to overcome inflammation and inhibiting mucus secretion.

Previous research has shown, spraying bacteria are also effective to overcome a throat infection and acute ear infections in children.

However Skovbjerg believes further research is needed to see what actually happens when the children were sprayed with bacteria.

Glue ear or in medical terms is called secretory otitis media (SOM) is a condition where ear cavity is filled with fluid, it usually occur when there is an infection.

In the long term, these conditions lead to hearing loss. Although rare, this also can trigger permanent damage to the eardrum.