Going Back to Sleep After Turning Off the Alarm Causes Fatigue


sleeping qualityIf you often go back to sleep 15, 30 or perhaps 45 minutes after turning off the alarm, then you should try to avoid or at least reduce the habit. That’s because according to a study, going back to sleep after turning off the alarm will only make the body more tired.

According to stylecaster, the conclusion is the result of a research conducted by Dr. Edward Stepanski from the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, United States.

He researched about the fragmentation of sleep and found that short sleep disorders reduces the level of sleep quality, especially when you turn off the alarm and go back to sleep.

The study also measured how the effects of sleep deprivation in decision making and risk taking. The results showed impaired memory, reaction time, comprehension, and attention. Some of them also lead to sensitivity and signs of increased depression.

Therefor, bad sleep quality not only causes headaches, or tiredness, but also impact negatively on the psychological condition. In order for you to sleep more regularly and get a better sleep quality, try the following four tricks.

– Create a bedtime
Sleeping the same time every day is not just for children, but also for adults like you. This makes the body regulate sleep cycle the same time so you do not have trouble sleeping.

– Turn off electronic devices
Turn off cell phones, laptops and television in your room at bedtime. Everything can be a ‘significant interference’ when you are getting sleepy.

– Wear comfortable pajamas
Convenience is an important key to getting a good quality sleep. So, make sure you wear pajamas or nightgowns that are soft and comfortable on the skin.

– The right room temperature
Make sure your room temperature is just right, not too hot or too cold. Temperature plays an important role in creating comfort and sleep quality.