Golden Door Handles Can Stop the Spread of Infection


Golden Door HandlesDoor handles is very dirty because it contains many germs and bacterias that comes from many hands. But did you know that germs on a door handle could be reduced if we used golden door handles

Scientists found that the gold on the door handle is very effective in neutralizing harmful bacteria like E Coli.

But the new design used on the door handle is not entirely solid gold so it is not too expensive.

According to a team of researchers from the Nottingham Trent University, the gold that is used is only with a thin layer with of few gold particles.

The finding which have been published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry, explains how the research team mixed gold nanoparticles with antibiotic Cefaclor.

The result, perfect gold ball particles are formedĀ  with a size of not more than 80 nanometers and can maintain properties to kill bacteria.

In that study, researchers were able to fill the glass surface with nanoparticles, which allows to show how strong the material is.

This proved to be very effective in both acidic and alkaline environments, and can maintain activity against E coli even after it is used repeatedly.

When examined under a microscope, the results showed that gold nanoparticles actually creates holes in the bacterial cell wall, thus weakening the resistance (immunity) to antibiotics.

The ability to coat the particles with antibiotics this way can make the development of innovative new materials to stop the spread of infection, especially in hospitals.

“What we have found has the potential to be used in various applications,” said Prof. Carole Perry from Nottingham Trent University’s School of Science and Technology, according to Dailymail.

According to Prof. Perry, this material can be applied in hospitals, namely on the door handles and windows to fight the spread of infection or even applied to the bandagesĀ  for wounds.