Grace Connell, A Brain Tumor Patient Who Was Conscious During Surgery


Grace ConnellMany people will certainly be frighten to see a scalpel go through an organ in the human body. And, they might get even more frighten to imagine the experience of Grace Connell who have witnessed the organ in his own head full of blood vessels.

According to The Sun, Grace was fully awake when the surgical team got rid of a tumor as wide as five inches from her brain, at Charing Cross Hospital, London, England.

Grace watched every second of the surgery through a video screen that highlighted the contents of her head. “The sensation that I felt was a little ticklish feeling on the face when they touch certain parts of my brain,” says Grace.

According to Grace, the surgery without anesthesia was the doctor’s request. At the time, doctors say they need to get the tumor as soon as possible when the patient’s condition was awake. Doctors continue to convince her that there will be no pain during surgery.

The surgery must be performed while the patient is awake because doctors need a direct response of the brain during surgery. “I was asked to count, move fingers, and identify images. This is to help them determine which parts should be removed and not,” she said.

The operation lasted five hours. But, because she had received a detailed picture of the operation, Grace was pretty calm. Occasional, the 29-year-old woman even made jokes and laughed a little with the doctor, Kevin O’Neill.

Grace watched almost the entire process of the surgery. She was only made unconscious when the skull was cut and sewn. “Once inside the operating room I slept, and when I woke up, my head was already opened ready for surgery. I was once again made unconcious when the surgery was almost finished,” she said.