Gray Hair is More Frightening Than Hair Loss


gray hair lossThe aging process in men is often accompanied with hair thinning and gray hair growth. Compared with hair loss, men in England regard gray hair as a threat to performance in the 40s.

A survey, carried out by a British company, Mintel, to 2000 adult men in England showed that men began to worry about appearances when entering the age of 45. The respondents complained of various physical changes experienced with aging.

According to the Telegraph, 5 aging symptoms men which is most complained by English men regardless of age group are as follows:

1. Gray hair (50 percent)
2. Hair loss or thinning hair (40 percent)
3. Hair on the nose and ears (38 percent)
4. Overweight (37 percent)
5. Yellowish teeth (30 percent).

These fears are faced by 45-54 year old age group. If as a whole only 10 percent of respondents who complained of four symptoms or more, in this group the amount exceeds 25 percent.

Just like the opinion of respondents as a whole, the age group 45-54 years are also a worry a lot about their hair. In this group, gray hair is a concern for 75 percent of respondents, while those who are worried about hair loss is 50 percent.

According to researchers, this trend, among others, is triggered by the retirement ageĀ  which tend to be longer. As a result many adult males who feel they have to compete with younger colleagues, both on business performance and appearance.

Interestingly, although concerned with the appearance. men in the UK still do not feel the need to use special care products. Only one third of them are interested in using it, while the rest chose to show concerns without any attempt to prevent it.