Green Tea Is Good for Your Memory


Green tea is very well known to have many great benefits for human health, including for people to stay fit and are also used by many to support their diet program. It was even know that you could prevent glaucoma with green tea. But recently, experts from the Third Military Medical University in China had revealed some new benefits that can be obtained from regular consumption of green tea.

According to a report by Genius Beauty, a team of scientists which was led by Professor Yun Bai had discovered that the active compounds in green tea contribute to the formation of the hippocampus brain cells. Which is  a part of the brain that is responsible for memory and spatial orientation. Thus, the beverage can prevent degenerative diseases that are associated with aging.

The hippocampus is a brain area that analyzse information and shifts information from short term memory into long term memory. Catechin in green tea is rich in beneficial effects on the area . This is proven after scientists did experiments on rats. Rats that received catechins have a better orientation in space and learn more quickly than the other rats tested.

The fact that green tea is good for memory has been demonstrated previously by Japanese experts. The elder Japanese who day-to-day consume two or more cups of green tea, have a half times lower risk to develop attention and memory disorders.

In addition, the U.S. Cancer Institute found that the catechins in green tea reduces the risk of cancer and inhibit the growth of cancer cells. A previous study had shown that drinking tea can reduce ovarian cancer risks.