Green vegetables strengthen the body against cancer


Green vegetables strengthen the body against cancerIf you do not like to eat vegetables, then you should think again. Researchers have found that eating green vegetables can strengthen the immune system. Green leafy vegetables can even reduce the risk of some types of cancer.

It is well known that lymphoid cells (Innate lymphoid Cells or ILCS) lines the inside of the digestive system and protects the body from bad bacteria in the intestines. These cells are also believed to have a role to control food allergies, inflammatory diseases, obesity, and even prevent colon cancer. Innate lymphoid cells (ILCS) is also able to heal minor wounds in the digestive system tissue.

In the latest findings, researchers from the Tea Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Australia, showed that the ILCS works under the influence of genes called T-bet. Interestingly, T-bet responds and works well when the body digests green leafy vegetables such as lettuce and cabbage.

Dr Gabrielle Belz explained that the findings may be used in the development of disease treatments, this is as reported by Thirdage (04/03).

“Understanding the work of ILCS and genes that controls is very important to develop new methods that can be used for the treatment of disease,” said Belz.

According to Belz, researchers still have to do a lot of experiments in order to control the performance of the ILCS including increasing it when the cell is not very active when facing some infections and cancers, or even weaken them when the performance of these cells become overactive, like which occurs in chronic inflammatory diseases.

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