Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy


Growth Hormone

Growth hormone replacement therapy is an increasingly popular subject these days! An aging population, new developments, and an exciting new line of suppplements are all converging factors contributing to its overwhelming popularity. 

This new line products are called HGH releasers. They activate the production and synthesis of your body’s own natural form of growth hormone, somatotropin.

Somatotropin is known as human growth hormone, and is produced by the pituitary gland. High levels of growth hormone stimulate growth and maintenance of bone tissue and muscle mass.

Growth hormone also works on many levels to repair DNA as well as maintain proper cell division, including cell growth. It is responsible for a wide range of key body functions and hormonal balancing.

More and more people are seeking answers to their issues with age-related reductions in vitality and energy levels. HGH releasers are specifically designed for this task.

Levels of growth hormone in the blood drop dramatically with age. Around 30 years of age the decline begins and becomes dramatic when you are in your 60’s and 70’s as growth hormone is barely detectable.

In light of these facts, consider the effects of just a slight increase in somatotropin production. But we aren’t talking about a slight increase. We are seeking powerful results for an experience of increased energy and vitality that we can validate as real life experience.

Traditional HGH supplementation has relied on injections and other costly forms of synthetic replacement. Natural releasers have flipped artificial applications upside down by going straight to the source.

HGH releasers transform somatotropin production by providing key amino acids and catalysts to boost your own natural production. This is a tremendous advancement in many ways.

First of all it is a natural supplement comprised primarily of amino acids and by far the safest form of HGH replacement. Secondly, the increased levels of somatotropin produced is perfectly synthesized in a fully bio-available form that your body recognizes and can readily use.

A third consideration is cost. HGH releasers are natural supplements that do not require an expensive prescription or regular injections. Three key amino acids team up to create a powerful hormone releaser formula.

L-Arginine has been shown to as much as triple your HGH levels, even into old age. L-Arginine when taken in combination with L-Lysine has demonstrated an effectiveness up to 10x stronger than when simply taking Arginine alone. Furthermore, L-Ornithine works in synergistic combination to support these two for even more effective results.

Simple math of these scientific findings suggests that releasers will activate powerful synthesis of somatotropin and the increased levels of HGH will flood the body. Soon you will be able to experience the legendary benefits associated with high levels of HGH production.

Take a moment to investigate this powerful formula and see what it can offer you. Increased vitality can improve every area of our lives and give us that powerful push to achieve all of our dreams and personal goals.  by: Aaron Anderson